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All NetSpeed customers are welcome to create and maintain their own personal web page on our system. Tell the world about yourself, your favourite band or football team - or anything! Your home page address will be ''.

To request personal webspace, complete the following form or contact us on (02) 6282 8282. Personal webspace content, size and usage restrictions apply. See our standard Terms and Conditions for details before requesting access.

Your Username
Your Password

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. FTP client software allows you to transfer files between your hard drive and a remote server. The following describes the process of setting up and using the WS-FTP LE software, available here in .ZIP format. Alternatively, FTP software can be obtained from

Firstly, launch WS_FTP LE by clicking on the 'Start' button and then selecting 'Programs', then 'WS_FTP', and then 'WS_FTP95 LE'. When WS_FTP LE first launches, it opens the Session Properties window. Here is where you select which FTP site you want to connect to for this 'session'.

From this Session Properties window, click on the New button. All fields should go blank and you can create your new FTP profile.

Host Name / Address
Enter these values in the Session Properties window as follows (you will be provided with these details when we set up your webspace) :

Once you have entered the details, click on the button. Click on the OK button to connect to your web site.

Following a successful connection you should see a screen that looks like this :

The left-hand side is a view of the files on your 'Local System' (your computer). The right-hand side is a view of the files on the 'Remote System' (Internet site).

To transfer files between your computer and the NetSpeed system, drag and drop the files in question from left to right (to transfer to NetSpeed) or right to left (to transfer to your computer).

You should always name your 'homepage' default.htm


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