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Paying by the Month
Credit card payments are accepted on all plans and are required for monthly plans when paying by the month. NetSpeed currently accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Bankcard. If you prefer to pay via cash, cheque or money order you must join or renew your account for a minimum advance period of 3 months.
Advance Purchases
The minimum advance purchase period is 3 months. These can be made via credit card, cash, cheque or money order. Advance purchases for monthly plans - an advance purchase of 12 months will provide additional savings. Refer to the individual plan for details.
Pro Rata Payments
Accounts that are activated within the first half of any month attract the full monthly fee for that month. Accounts activated in the second half of any month are billed, for that month only, at a pro rata rate.
Additional Email Addresses
Additional NetSpeed email addresses, beyond the one provided with your NetSpeed account, can be set up by request at a cost of $15.00 per annum, per additional email address. Requests can be forwarded by email to or by phone to (02) 6282 8282

You can create up to five additional free addresses in your Customer ToolBox.


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