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What is mobile number portability?
Mobile number portability (MNP) simply means you can switch from your old carrier to NetSpeed and keep your existing number.

Will I need a new SIM CARD?
Yes. Because of the carrier-specific information they carry, you will need a new SIM card when you port, so we provide this new SIM card (and handset, if required), when you join us.

How long will it take to port?
All up, your port into NetSpeed should be effective approximately three hours (subject to the normal business hours of the parties involved) from the time you completed the necessary forms and the port notification being sent to your present Service Provider.

That means just hours after you've walked in to a NetSpeed outlet you could be enjoying new services including 123, CALLback, TXT and online services, all while still using your existing mobile phone number.

Can I port a fax or data number?
Yes. Even existing fax or data numbers can be ported! This must be requested at the same time as porting the mobile number.

Can I port if I'm still under contract to another carrier?
Yes, although your existing provider may apply charges if you port while under contract.

Can I port if I owe money to another carrier?
Yes. However, the losing Service Provider can still follow their usual processes to collect the debt. When you join NetSpeed you will be subject to the normal credit checks for contract services.

Can I port with a mailbox number?
Mobile Number Portability is available for almost all mobile numbers that are issued to you, and for which you have the rights of use, except mailbox numbers. These numbers are not issued to you and cannot be ported.

What is Equivalent Service?
Once you've ported to NetSpeed, you will not be treated any differently, in terms of quality, reliability, services or features, to existing customers who joined us with a new NetSpeed number. We call this Equivalent Service.

Equivalent Service does not mean that you will receive equivalent coverage or identical ancillary services to those provided by the Service Provider you are leaving.

NetSpeed will, however, be able to provide you with Voicemail services you can tailor to meet your needs and a range of TXT services including web to mobile messaging, TXT Updates for sports news, weather, etc, which you can personalise on this web site.


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