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Motorola V3
The new streamlined RAZR V3i is fully loaded. Shoot crisp photos with its 1.23 megapixel camera. Capture video and store it on removable memory cards. Rock to your MP3s. Get these advanced features and more, packed into the ultra-slim design.
Monthly Fee $21.00
Colour Pink
Band Quad
Dimensions 98 x 53 x 14mm
Extras Data cable software, PHF, ring tones and screen savers.
Where connected to the BlackSIM network on a 24-month contract. Does not include monthly plan cost or excess call charges.

1TXT messaging allows you to send and receive written messages via your mobile phone.

2MMS is like TXT with pictures. With an MMS mobile you can send colour pictures, photos, animations and text from the screen of your mobile to any network mobile anywhere in Australia, or to any e-mail address in the world. It's just as easy to use as text messaging, but it's even more fun.

3GPRS: (General Packet Radio Service). Technology designed to deliver high-speed data services over existing GSM networks. GPRS enables you to access information whilst you are on the move.

4BT: (Bluetooth). A specification for high-speed wireless connection between devices such as mobile phones, PDA's and laptops. The specification is now maintained and developed by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group and was named after a Danish King, Harald Bluetooth.


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