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NetSpeed provide professional telehousing services to co-locate your server in our secure broadband datacentre. Your server will be plugged directly into NetSpeed's high-capacity ethernet link, giving you the ultimate in speed and reliability.

NetSpeed use and supply only the best brand-name hardware and can set up a custom hosting environment for your web site. Alternatively, you can utilise NetSpeed's business facilities to configure the system yourself, with your software, prior to deployment. NetSpeed's flexible arrangements put you in command. Contact NetSpeed for further information.

Full backup and redundancy features are available, including secondary DNS hosting, and power is guaranteed via backup battery and diesel generators. A server is classed as a rack-mountable chassis not more than 2 RU in height. If you don't have a server of your own, NetSpeed can supply and install one for you at competitive monthly lease arrangements. Click here for more information

Standard telehousing rates are as follows :

Product Description Cost / Limit
Monthly Telehousing Fee (per 2 RU) $POA
Outgoing Monthly Data Limit 50GB
Additional Outgoing Data Fee 6.6c / MB


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