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Security starts at the data centre and includes traditional locks, access controls and surveillance systems. Robust fire suppression, HVAC, power feeds, hot-swappable servers and routers are available in the event of an outage. Background checks and certifications ensure the integrity of all personnel.

All Operating Systems are loaded, hardened and managed to ensure proper security. By maintaining on-site inventories, Web laboratories and automated deployment systems - in addition to close relationships with key hardware vendors - we guarantee hardware availability.

Our security regimen also addresses the inherent vulnerabilities of applications, including enterprise databases, Microsoft IIS, Apache, Linux, mail services, FTP servers, DNS and streaming media. We implement firewalls and deactivate non-essential features to further protect applications.

By constantly updating our security systems, we ensure optimum protection for our customers. We monitor and address emerging threats, and quickly process and apply new security patches.

The NetSpeed web server network is protected by firewall security, located at our gateway to the Internet. Only ports required by the web server are allowed to pass through the firewall.

The following are examples of traffic allowed to pass through our firewall:

  • Port 80 – standard Internet browsing port
  • Port 443 – secure sockets layer
In the event that your web server application requires non-standard ports to be allowed access through our firewall, NetSpeed will promptly configure the firewall to allow traffic via the requested port number.

Firewalls are managed by security specialists and deployed in a “private IP” space, while customer servers and routers are segregated in Virtual Local Area Networks (VLAN). Network security features also include multi-level privileges, OS lockdowns, centralised authentication and device change logs.

Data is backed up daily to DLT medium on a three day rotating cycle, using well-defined procedures. Backup tapes are removed from the data center regularly and stored at an off-site location as an added measure of safety. All recovery requests should be made as soon as possible to avoid the backup of incorrect data.

The recovery process typically takes 3 hours, during standard business hours. See ‘NetSpeed Response Times’ for non-business hours recovery timeframes.

Our technicians can also assist with the restoration and reconfiguration of data in the event that any information is lost. This can include comprehensive disaster recovery and full-time redundancy failover platforms.

We offer a number of data storage alternatives, including on and off-site storage with reliable security. Clustered storage devices can be deployed to meet the needs of high-volume, high-value data backup applications.

We monitor all routers, switches and connectivity to ensure the integrity of our data centres and all customer operations. We also analyse the network backbone, bandwidth providers and the overall health of the Internet.

We monitor the status and efficiency of all HVAC, power generation, security, management and support systems. We also track the health of servers, firewalls, load-balancers and other platform components. Automated monitoring technologies provide alerts in the event of data centre or device failures.

Our customers rely on us to measure a number of other important infrastructure variables. A customised monitoring program can be configured to track and document bandwidth utilisation, security incidents, load balancing and other Web activities.

Customers can scale from 50MB to 100GB+ in a matter of minutes. With industry-leading equipment and the expertise of the NetSpeed Professional Services team, we can grow your storage needs as your business grows, all with zero downtime and no migration hassles.
Fire Suppression System
  • VESDA sensor equipment
  • Water fire suppression system
  • Local zoning (only floods hot spots)
  • Security guard in complex outside business hours
  • Access is via minimum two layer - MIL key locked doors
  • Monitoring is by time lapse video on all entry/exit points
  • Locked high quality Rittel racks
  • Substation within complex fed from ACTEW grid
  • All AC power for telehoused equipment in the annexe comes via the UPS and is generator backed
  • Non-essential services are directly powered from the generator in event of mains power failure (i.e. air-conditioning & lighting)
  • UPS capacity is 450 KVA
  • Diesel backup generator 905 KVA motor - 750 KW generator
  • 100,000 litres of regularly tested fuel available for generator
Air Conditioning
  • Computer grade
  • Humidity controlled
  • Water based
  • Under floor delivery


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