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NetSpeed launches Canberra’s Fastest Wireless Broadband Network
Thursday, 25 January, 2007
Brian Morris, the managing director of NetSpeed Internet, today announced the launch of a high speed wireless broadband network with coverage throughout Canberra, Queanbeyan and Jerrabomberra.

Mr Morris said, ‘Residents at Condor, Gordon and Banks have been neglected by the larger Telco’s for too long’. He said, ‘We have been trying for some years to work with the Telco’s to bring broadband to everyone in Canberra, but they haven’t appeared to be interested’.

Mr Morris said that he was delighted that NetSpeed is now able provide its own high speed broadband infrastructure. He said NetSpeed have now installed their own equipment to enable high-speed broadband internet to those people who would like it but until now have not been able to obtain it.

The service will be known as “NetSpeed Longreach Wireless Internet”, and can be installed almost immediately to anyone within an 8 km radius of a base station or repeater.

He said that this was great news for residents that have not previously had access to Broadband, or have been unhappy with the slow speeds of their ADSL or cable service. Mr Morris said that the new wireless service would provide speeds of up to 20Mb per second which will satisfy both large and small businesses, as well as home use.

The first two base stations to be activated will provide coverage throughout most of southern Canberra from Curtin to Tharwa, and will be available to customers from February 1st.

Mr Morris said that the many benefits of the Longreach Wireless broadband service will be that people can connect to broadband without the need for a regular telephone line. “A significant portion of a customers monthly communications bill is spent on nothing more than phone line rental, as much as $50.00 per month or more will go towards line rental for a home phone and an ADSL service before a single phone call is made or email received. The NetSpeed Wireless service can be delivered for far better value for money as there is no need for line rental and when combined with an Internet Telephony service such as KMOO will provide almost all the benefits of a standard phone service at around half the regular price of a land line.”

The wireless service is delivered to homes via a small outdoor aerial, usually installed on the eaves of the house, and receives its signal from one of several base stations installed throughout Canberra and surrounds.

The broadband service is “always on” and available for connection to the Internet 24 hours a day.

Mr Morris said, “Our Wireless service will bring broadband services to homes and businesses that are in ADSL ‘blackspots’ and is also well suited to people who would otherwise not need or want a regular phone line”

He said that the wireless service has been specially developed to support Internet Telephony through its related company KMOO.

KMOO was acquired by NetSpeed and re-launched in Canberra in January 2007 after having operated out of Perth for the last two years.

“KMOO and NetSpeed Wireless Broadband makes great commercial sense…..and is particularly affordable and a must, for people in business”.

He said that NetSpeed plan to deploy a number of base stations and repeaters throughout Canberra which will ensure ample coverage for everyone.

The service will become available in South Canberra in early February with other base stations coming online during March. The regular installation fee will be $299 however people who register their interest by signing up now through the NetSpeed website can have the installation completed for just $99 .

For more information, go to the NetSpeed website


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