In the Dreaming there lived a frog called Tiddalik. He became very thirsty so he decided to drink. He drank all the water in the rivers , the creeks, the lakes, the lagoons and the billabongs. When he had finished all the land was dry. Tiddalik dragged his enormous swollen body onto a rock and there he sat.
The land was dry. Every thing went brown and dry.
The animals looked everywhere for water but there was none to be found.
They had a meeting.
"Where is all the water ?", said 
"Where are the green trees?" , said 
"I know where all the water is "  , said 
"Tiddalik, the frog drank it all and there is  no more for us".
"We must have water or we will all die" , cried the animals.
They went to Tiddalik and begged him for some water,  but he just sat there with his mouth shut.

"We must make Tiddalik laugh so he will open his mouth and let all the water out". said 

The animals did lots of funny things but Tiddalik would not laugh.
At last eel came along. He twisted himself this way and that until he had tied himself into a knot and no matter how hard he tried he could not undo himself.

All the animals laughed and at last even Tiddalik started to smile

and then to laugh. He opened his mouth wide and out flowed all the waters.
The waters flowed into the dry places, so there was plenty  for all the animals to drink and the land turned green