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The initial set up is as can be seen on the right. At the start of the game the two sides have 22 identical men set up on the board. The centre and corner holes are left empty. The pieces can be moved in two different ways; either they move one step at a time either forwards, sideways or diagonally along the marked lines but never backward (ie, towards your own half of the board). The other way they can move is by jumping over a neighboring piece to an empty hole behind it. They may proceed jumping as many times as possible in any direction or even backwards. The jump can be made over any piece-your own or your opponent's-and if you jump over one or more of your opponent's pieces they are taken and removed from the board.

White opens the game by moving a piece onto the centre hole; red takes it by jumping over it and the game proceeds until one of the players has fewer than five pieces left-and loses.

A jumping piece may make an intermediary landing at a corner hole. However no piece is allowed to stay there.




Articles: Bumfat Tablet WeavingSnodgaflCookbook