Canberra Cycleways Map

What is the Canberra Cycleways Map?

The 1998 Canberra Cycleways Map (3rd Edition) is a high quality full colour map, in waterproof paper foldout format, which displays all of Canberra's major cycleways and many of its connecting footways. The cycleways are highlighted over a colour street map of all Canberra suburbs, including the Gungahlin suburbs of Palmerston, Nicholls, Amaroo and Ngunnawal.

Canberra is covered at 1:25,000 scale, with larger scale insert maps covering the City and Town Centres.

In addition to the sealed cyclepaths and footpaths, the map also shows many unsealed bush tracks and trails which can be found within the Canberra Nature Parks park system and pine forests. Some Nature Park tracks which aren't shown on the map can be seen in the Canberra Nature Parks section of this web site.

The main roads are colour coded to show which roads are most suitable for commuter cycling.

Because the map shows streets (with street names), cycle paths, footpaths and bush tracks, this map can be used by motorists, cyclists, walkers and equestrians alike.

In addition to streets and paths, the map also displays the following features:

  • Information Centres
  • Telephones
  • Police Stations
  • Hospitals
  • Public Toilets
  • Kiosks
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Places of Interest for Tourists and Visitors
  • Swimming Pools
  • Barbeques
  • Public Libraries
  • Embassies
  • Playgrounds
  • Camping Areas
  • BMX Bike Tracks
  • Bicycle Shops
  • Bus Stations
  • Shopping Centres
  • Recreation Areas
  • Pine Plantations

Where can I obtain a Canberra Cycleways Map?

There are about 70 government and commercial outlets in Canberra which sell the map, including newsagents, book shops, bike shops, outdoor equipment stores, leisure centres and service stations. In addition maps can be purchased from ACT Government outlets incluing the ACT Government Shopfronts and the Publishing Services counter in Allara House, Plaza Level. You can also support Pedal Power ACT by purchasing a copy at a discount from their office.

What does it Cost?

The map has a recommended retail price of $5.95. Pedal Power ACT sell maps for $5


Riding in Canberra Nature Parks

The Canberra Cycleways Map shows most of the Canberra Nature Parks. The ACT Government is responsible for the Canberra Nature Park, which is a system of 24 urban nature reserves, primarily for nature conservation, but also to provide recreational opportunities. The reserves include hundreds of kilometres of trails that can be used for a range of recreational activities.

The Mountain Bike Code

  1. Ride in control at all times: Out of control riders are a danger to themselves and others. They can also bring the sport into disrepute by scaring people and damaging the trails.
  2. Respect the rights of others: Other user groups have the same rights as you, so let themn go about their chosen activities without interference.
  3. If you meet walkers: Should you come across any walkers whilst riding, announce your presence if coming up from behind, slow down as you pass and give them the right of way.
  4. If you come across horse riders: Always give horses right of way. Some horses are very easily frightened by bicycles. A spooked horse can be very dangerous to you and its rider. If you announce your presence by voice and dismount, the horse will know it is a person an so be less likely to be spooked. Keep talking as the horse and rider pass to reassure the animals. If necessary, move off the roadway to give the horse plenty of room. If you see signs of horses in the area (hoof prints or droppings) be alert on bends and crests for their presence.
  5. Stay away from wet, muddy areas: Muddy areas are very prone to damage. The tracks you leave behind channel the water when it rains and lead to erosion.
  6. Stay on roads and obey signs: Bicycles are allowed on roads made for four wheel vehicles, unless they are specifically closed to bicycles to prevent damage to the tracks, so please obey the signs.
  7. Don't cut corners, stay on the road: Cutting corners causes erosion. The road surface has been 'hardened' and your tyres will do very little damage, but the edges of the road are sensitive . Cutting corners tends to break up the hard surface so that the next time it rains, the soil washes away.
  8. Avoid skidding: Skidding damages the road surface by removing the hard surface layer and can lead to erosion. It also means that you are out of control.

Be a Careful, Courteous Competent Cyclist

Make sure you know the rules of the road, and obey them. The ACT Road User's Handbook is available from Motor Vehicle Registries.

Keep your bike in good condition; it will make your cycling safer and easier.

Suitable clothing and footwear help to make cycling safe and more comfortable, and reduce injuries in case of an accident. Helmets can protect you from serious head injuries.

Bicycle are hard to see, especially at night. Take care to make yourself easy to see.

Ride defensively! Keep your distance, control your speed, and share the road or pathway. Some pathways have white centre lines; keep to the left.

In the ACT, cyclists are permited to ride on footpaths (but NOT within 10 metres of a shop when the shop is open for business).

Pathways are for people of all sorts, whether running, walking, riding or in wheelchairs.

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