Multiple Stains by Stanley L. Devlin

A history of transition...

...from English convict and Irish rebel beginnings to respected pioneers and founders of Australia.  The threads of convictism multiplied by marriages between First Fleeters and descendants and with convicts of later transports and their descendants. These multiple stains became a cross to bear, to conceal, to keep dark until a more enlightened society perceived that convict ancestry was not a stigma but rather a heritage to acknowledge with pride and dignity.

Multiple Stains traces this transition through the DEVLIN and associated families.

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James Squire
Australia's pioneer hop grower and first brewer.  His name has been adopted by Hahn Beers (Malt Shovel Brewery).  Pioneer of Ryde.

John Small and Mary Parker
Married in the colony 12 October 1788.  Pioneers of Ryde.
Thomas Akers
Pioneer of Wilberforce Reach.
John Goodwin (Goodin)
Married Ann Thomas, convict, Second Fleet.  Pioneers of Ryde.
Multiple Stains by Stanley L. Devlin


Michael Dwyer
The Wicklow Chief and his companions, Arthur Devlin, Hugh Vesty Byrne, John Mernagh and Martin Burke, collectively known as The Wicklow Outlaws who surrendered to the British after the 1798 and 1803 Irish rebellions on condition that they would be pardoned and exiled to America. Instead, they were exiled as free men to Botany Bay and granted 100 acres of land each.

Major Sirr
Town Major of Dublin.

Anne Devlin
Heroine.  "One of the noblest and finest of our race", Eamon de Valera, Prime Minister of Eire.

Dr. Trevor
Despot of Kilmainham Prison.

Robert Emmet
Leader of the abortive Irish rebellion in 1803.

General Joseph Holt - Leader of the Wicklow rebels before Michael Dwyer. Suspected by Dwyer of being a traitor to the cause which made for an uneasy relationship in Australia.

Multiple Stains by Stanley L. Devlin

Governor Bligh
Whose high-handed actions led to the imprisonment of Michael Dwyer and his companions.

Governor King
Whose fear of Irish rebels encouraged Bligh's actions.

James Devlin
Wheelwright, government contractor, builder of Ryde House, later called Willandra.  First settler at Ganmain and Deepwater in the Riverina.

Patrick Devlin
Bushman and explorer in Queensland; superintendent for Biddulph Henning.  The "Mr. Devlin" of the celebrated "Letters of Rachel Henning".

The children of James Devlin
Who developed Ganmain, Deepwater and Uarah Stations in the Riverina, and Glenugie and Corinda Stations on the Clarence River.

Arthur Albert Devlin
Who fought to control anthrax in the Riverina in conjunction with Louis Pasteur.

John Holloway
Who fought the rabbit plague from Moombooldool Station in the Mirool.

Elsie Devlin's own story
"The Things We Did".

John Stuart Hepburn
Settler Hepburn Springs, Victoria, whose daughter, Mary married Adolphus Devlin.

Matthew Devlin
Owner of Sunrise, successful sire of racehorses - in a seven year period his progeny won over 800 races including the 1898 Wagga Cup. Manager Deepwater Station.

William Devlin
Anchorman at Ganmain Station.

Major George Johnston
Who deposed Bligh and recalled Michael Dwyer and his companions.

Captain Arthur Devlin
Captain of the Rapid when wrecked in 1841 and subsequent journey in open boats to Rotumah in the Fiji Islands.  Later a merchant in Melbourne and co-owner with George Ward Cole of the Ferry Gem plying between Melbourne and Williamstown.   His Life and Times..

John McArthur
Who outmanouevred Bligh.

Captain Thomas Beckford Simpson
Married Martha Devlin.  Master mariner.

Tommy "Dynamite" Ryan
Selector who fought Arthur Albert Devlin in a classic selector and squatter battle.

Alfred Tennyson D'Orsay Dickens
Fourth son of Charles Dickens, married Augusta Jessie Devlin.

James Devlin (Jnr)
Of Harrison, Jones & Devlin, one of the leading pastoral companies in Australia (taken over by Goldsborough Mort & Co.).

Maurice Arthur Hyde Fitzhardinge
Member of a legal and rowing dynasty.

James Squire Farnell
First Australian born Premier of New South Wales.

Henry Lane
Undersecretary for Finance and Trade in the Treasury. Married Mary Priscilla Devlin.

Alexander Thorley Bolton
Surveyor and stock and station agent, mayor of Wagga and MP for Murrumbidgee.

Leslie Wilfred Devlin 1877-1950. Family historian in the early twentieth century.    Picture..

Multiple Stains by Stanley L. Devlin

Stan Devlin was born in Lismore NSW in 1919.  He served in World War II and soldiered on in the Regular Army until 1974, retiring in the rank of Brigadier.
He sees himself as something of a paradox in that having accepted British honours he later found that he was descended from an Irish patriot and exile and a number of victims of the British convict system.  He believes these discoveries are powerful factors in the Republic debate. He is married with two children, five grandchildren and seven great grandchildren, all of whom live in Canberra.
By GD Solomon OBE, author of "A Poor Sort of Memory" and "Brothers of Mother Teresa".
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